Total Electricity Generated Till Date/KWH   ==  371845090

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‘Solar Park producing 12pc more power than target’

LAHORE: The Quaid-i-Azam Solar Park, Bahawalpur, the first ever DC installation in Pakistan, is currently producing up to 12pc more power than the energy production requirements set by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra).


The first phase of the plant was completed in March last when it started producing 100 megawatt.


“The plant is giving an average yield of 169 gigawatt hour against the annual target of 153GW hour to meet 153 million units production requirement,” says Najam Ahmed Shah, the chief executive officer of the Quaid-i-Azam Solar Power (pvt) Limited.


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Solution to energy crises                      Updates         

Pakistan is blessed with abundance of renewable energy potential but so far it has not been harnessed except for large hydroelectric projects. The Ministry of Water and Power has prepared the Renewable Energy Policy of Pakistan in 2006, which envisages mainstreaming of renewable energy in the development plans of the country. The renewable energy according to the scope of the policy includes technologies like small hydro, solar photovoltaic and wind power generation.


The Government of Punjab, under the vision of Chief Minister Shahbaz Shariff, has dedicated 6500 acres of land near Lal Sohanra, Cholistan, Bahawalpur for the purpose of establishing a 1000 MW Solar Park for generation of electricity from the solar energy. This is an initiative of Government of the Punjab (GoPb), Pakistan to reduce reliance on fossil fuels in generation of electricity and to overcome the ever expanding gap between energy production and demand. 500 acres have been reserved to set up the first 100 MW PV Solar Power Plant.


This project aims to mark the beginning of the Province’s journey towards generation of renewable energy and a cleaner and greener future.



Conference for Information on Khadim-e-Punjab Ujaala Program (KPUP) Solarization of 20,000 schools

23/03/16Pakistan Resolution Day. A day which personifies Unity, Faith and Discipline Long Live Pakistan. Happy Pakistan Day!!

26/10/15: We thank Allah Almighty for keeping our employees and their families safe during the massive earthquake that hit Pakistan today i.e. 26th October 2015. We also thank Allah Almighty for keeping our Solar Plant safe and secure. It is only His will that matters. 

We also take this opportunity to pray for all those who lost their lives as well as those who got injured because of the earthquake. May Allah give strength to the families to bear the loss of their loved ones. We stand together with the bereaved families. May Allah bless us all and help us in all times; happy and difficult.

09/9/2015Press Conf: Please check Downloads Section for Downloads regarding todays press conference by the CM Punjab

12/6/2015Visit to QA: Please check gallery for Visit of Japanese Delegation to QA Head Office & Site

10/6/2015: Inauguration: Please check gallery for Inauguration Pictures

5/5/2015: Inauguration: QA Solar 100MW Solar Power plant was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Pakistan on the 5th of May, 2015. Please check media section for news articles. Pictures in Gallery coming soon!

20/4/2015Energisation: The Grid has been energised. QA Solar Power Plant is now online and feeding the grid! Please see Gallery for latest pictures.